[Away from the microscope] și [The Ninth Bomb]

Away from the microscope

Away from the scourge of censorship
Explain to us how an iron will dissolves in the face of hammer blows
And how the sun protects itself from heart attacks
And how gardenias bloom on walls that breathe crushed concrete
Away from the guardians of virtue
Steer clear of the words that sever umbilical cords
Rouse them from their slumber with mosquito spray or something harsher
Knead them with the music that frees roads from their darkness
Let them expel all the sighs suppressed within them
Load them with the freedom that shakes the firmness of iron fists
And train them
To box with sandbags
To crush Siberian ice
To strain their vocal cords
To pull tight the belt round the waist of the wind
Steer clear of the words that smell the corpse of nothingness
Words that don’t rely on support from any god
And let them build and destroy the world you will not see
The consequences will not be as great as you imagine
There is no longer a marked difference between right and wrong.

The Ninth Bomb

Just like that with no prior warning
The ninth bomb will explode
In this unassuming street
It will explode from extreme depression
As a possible cause or the only cause
And the clouds close to the incident
Will be transformed
Into cold body parts
And the dreams that wake up at four in the morning will die
And the strings of the violin played by the wind will be sever
Passersby will piss in their pants
And the demand for blood for rare groups, in particular, will rise
Quadratic equations will change
When the speed of flight from death
Is measured in hertz
Trees will lie flat on the ground
And never rise again
The Security Council will hold
A session of denunciation and condemnation or perhaps not
As some gods will declare a period of mourning
For three days
That CO2-breathing bomb will explode
As best, it can
In a moment of madness hitting the detonator linked to the TNT charge
A concussion is something like that
It will explode with its four major arteries
With its vocal cords
Explode in a manner displaying much art and much death
Like destiny
Destroying itself in its final sunset

Traducere în engleză de Catherine Cobham

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