[Trace], [My Days] și [Tonight]


A sorrow

left a trace in the eyes.

and harsh words

wounded a soul of feathers,

and tainted all the whiteness of the heart.

Silently, without a voice

a tear fell

from the eye

and ruffled the sea,

and raised the tides

of repressed desires,

buried into the deepest

depths of heart.

Silently, without a voice

the tear fell

from the eye

and returned everything to the beginning.

My Days

All days are full of smiles

and tears no longer ache.

Lead me

Down the untrodden paths

far, the farthest

where my eye

has never looked.

rejoice me with a smile

and touch me with kindness.


as if by chance.

and laugh aloud.

So I can hear

and keep that laughter

for another sad day,

A day

without my colourful dreams.

Melt my whole iciness

and be an endless joy.

and make a searcher’s life smile.


Tonight I could only write about you


tender and incessantly,

without reason,

without blinking,

No regrets.

Just like my heart

without programs,

without schemes,

no combination.

Because you are,

of course,


and lazy,

but as if i knew everything about you

and you around,

as if it had always belonged to those




Tonight I could only write about you

and I touch the stars

with my hands

because you gave me your shine.

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